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Football: Basic rules

Football, like any other game has to have a set of rules. These rules are also known as the Laws of the Game. The game is played with a spherical ball of about 27 inches in circumference. There are two teams of eleven players each who compete to get the ball into the other team’s goal. The team that scores the most goals wins. If the number of goals scored by each team remains equal, the game is considered as a draw or a tie. Each team has a captain who has only one official responsibility and that is to be involved in the toss. Otherwise he is equal to just as any other member of his team. Each team has a goal keeper whose primary aim is to guard his team’s goal and prevent the opponents from scoring.

The general rule is that players other than the goalkeeper are not permitted to handle the ball, other than during a throw in, with their hands or arms during the course of play. They can use other parts of their body such as feet, head etc. During normal play all players can play the ball in any direction and move through the pitch. He is not allowed to receive the ball when his is in an offside position. The main aim of the players is to play with the ball and score a goal. It is a free flowing game with a lot of physical tackles. As long as the tackles are legitimate and within the rules of the game, they are allowed. But deliberate attempts to injure an opposing player or unlawfully bringing him down can cause the referee to impose penalties such as awarding a yellow card for a minor infringement and a red card for a major one.